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Arbutus Roofing are the roofing experts with over 60 years of experience. We provide residential, commercial, drainage services and emergency repair and maintenance in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland area.


Flat Roofing

Arbutus Roofing is a manufacturer-certified installer of a broad range of applications. Whether your project requires a Single Ply Membrane (TPO or EPDM), SBS (more commonly called “Torch on” or “Torchon”), or that old reliable BUR “(built-up roofing” or “tar and gravel”), we’ll dispatch a crew of tradespeople to complete the job quickly and efficiently…

Shingle Roofing

Arbutus has an entire division dedicated to shingle roofing. Our shinglers are specialists in that skill. We supply and install only material that comes with a manufacturer’s warranty, and we back that up with our own labor guarantee.


When rain or snow comes your way it’s nice to know your roof has been installed, upgraded and maintained by the good people at Arbutus Roofing. Of course after that water hits your roof it has to go somewhere. And that somewhere is down. That’s where our Drainage Department comes in handy.


Roof Repair & Leak Repair

At one time, roof repair was a sideline for roofing companies. It was something to do on a rainy day when the crews weren’t busy. Same guys, same trucks, same equipment.

Times have changed. Years ago, there was only one kind of flat roof. Tar and gravel. Leaky roof? Fire up the kettle. Sweep back the gravel. Mop on a patch. Pour on some tar. Re-gravel. Repeat as necessary.

Roof Maintenance

Re-roofing can be expensive, and a routine maintenance program can be a cost-effective way to extend the life of your roof for many years. A trained professional will do an onsite analysis and design a program with items like drainage, caulking and debris removal that require attention on a regular basis.

Emergency Roof Repairs

In an emergency, nothing is more annoying than reaching an answering machine or service. You probably don’t want information on “regular business hours” or assurance that “your call is important”. And you probably won’t find the recorded music soothing.

In-house Support

We have our own sheet metal shop with state-of-the-art metal bending equipment. Our fabricators and installers are provincially certified tradespeople. This guarantees that the sheet metal flashings that complete your project are not only the right dimensions, but are delivered and installed promptly when the roofers are ready for them.

Having our own disposal bins allows us to deliver and remove them as needed, minimizing their onsite presence.


Arbutus has full-time safety professionals who will plan and perform onsite inspections to ensure that your project proceeds safely, improving our efficiency and eliminating your liability. The Arbutus Safety Program has audited annually and is a multi-year recipient of the CSABC Safety Star Certificate of Recognition.


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