arbutus roofing drains vancouver commercial servicesArbutus Roofing has the specialized equipment and large, technically-qualified crews required to successfully complete complex projects in a timely fashion. We can also provide a roof maintenance program to prevent costly repairs or retrofits in the future.

Through many years of working with commercial clients, Arbutus Roofing has developed an effective approach that minimizes disruptions to tenants and businesses. We understand that you cannot close your building for a re-roofing project, and that services like electricity and HVAC can’t be shut down, even temporarily, without planning and consultation.

Our Team

Our team is trained to work with building owners and managers on scheduling requirements, equipment location, noise abatement and other issues that may arise during your roof retrofit.

The same group will work with you in selecting a cost-effective roofing application that will protect your business and your investment. Whether you select SBS roofing, TPO, or built-up roofing, you’ll find that Arbutus is the bonded, insured, manufacturer-approved installer best qualified to help you find a solution to your roofing problems.

And all re-roofing projects carry a solid, proven guarantee backed by a manufacturer’s warranty.

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“Always plan ahead. It wasn’t raining when Noah built the ark.”
Richard Cardinal Cushing


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