Showing your roof attention regularly can be a tricky game. To ensure your roof is running smoothly into your gutters,drains and scuppers, having zero build-up from debris, making sure there is no water ponding can be a task depending on your roof type. Ways to ensure your roof is in good standing, is by visual inspection, having no water overflowing the gutters, or desk, no stains throughout your ceiling. Another inspection you can do is a smell inspection, making sure you smell no odd musty smells lingering throughout your house. When you are doing your inspection, clean out your deck’s drains, eaves and flush out your drains and down-pipes. Inspect roofing materials, for any open seams, early aging, bubbles in our two-ply system, check shingles starting to curl. Ensuring skylights are securely fastened, check stacks/vents chimneys. Performing these routine maintenance checks could save your roofs life.