Are you looking for a quality roofing finish for your flat-roofed homes? It may be time to start looking at torch on roofing, one of the most common and effective ways to finish a flat or low sloped roof. As its name suggests, torch on roofing consists of several layers of modified asphalt that are fused together with the use of a torch, creating a layer of material that is highly resistant to ultraviolet light and completely waterproof. Due its nature, it is a preferred type of roofing because it grants incredible durability while specifically working to protect your home from Vancouver’s rainy days, which are common from Fall to Spring.

The main advantage of torch on roofing is its longevity. Torch on roofing can last up to 25 years, and is virtually maintenance-free during that time period, though it never hurts to get it looked at regularly. Unlike other flat roof options such as tar and gravel roofs, torch on roofing is lighter and due to its smooth surface, doesn’t run into troubles such as clogged up drains or eavestroughs.

Installation of torch on roofs is easy, by using a blow on several layers (usually two) of Modified Bitumen Membrane. The cap sheet, or the layer on top, can be granulated for protection from the elements. Once the layers are secured, they are then fused by using a blowtorch, creating a single surface that acts as a powerful protection to your home while standing the test of time.

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