Homeowners throughout the Lower Mainland are breathing a sigh of relief now that Spring has sprung. With the temperatures rising and snow melting, March is the perfect time to inspect your home for drainage problems and roof damage. However, some roofing problems can be easy to miss if you don’t know what to look for. If a puncture or leak isn’t fixed in the short term, it can cause costly damage in the long run. Keep an eye out for these 4 common problems and call Arbutus Roofing in Richmond for expert roof repair and maintenance.


While most homeowners welcome Springtime, the warmer weather can create blisters on your roof. As the temperatures rise, air and moisture can become trapped under your shingles. With enough pressure, the blister will eventually pop, leaving your roof vulnerable to more costly roof damage.

Missing Shingles

On a clear day, take a look to see if any shingles are missing from your roof or your local roofer to perform a professional inspection. If any shingles are damaged or missing altogether, Arbutus Roofing in Richmond can provide expert roof repairs to save you money.


During the winter months, ice can sometimes make it’s way underneath the shingles on your roof. Once the ice melts, the moisture is then allowed to seep into your attic, causing water damage.


Punctures are among the most urgent roofing problems. If multiple layers of your roof are pierced, the hole leaves your home vulnerable to serious leaks and substantial water damage. If you find a puncture, call Arbutus Roofing’s emergency number for fast and efficient roof repair in Richmond and beyond.

If you spot any of these problems on your roof, don’t wait to call Arbutus Roofing in Richmond. Our friendly professionals can inspect your roof for leaks and recommend cost-effective repairs. Get a free estimate today!