When it comes to keeping your house dry and safe, there is no more important part than its roof. The roof will shield you from the elements and especially in a city as rainy as Vancouver, keeping your roof in top condition is important to make sure that you don’t run into any trouble. At Arbutus Roofing, we are strive to be the rest roofing contractor in Vancouver. With over 60 years of service under our belt, we know ins and outs of the roofing trade. No job is too big for our seasoned team of experts.

If you’re in need of roof repair, we can send a team out to your house in order to check the damage and resolve the problem for you. Often times, if it is only the first time your roof has needed to be repaired, the source of the problem will be easy to trace and the solution will likely be inexpensive. If your roof is a bit older, we’ll investigate the situation and look throughout the roof, at the underside of the roof, and fix it with the appropriate roofing material.

Keeping your roof well maintained is a good way to ensure that it lasts for a long time. We’ll offer a maintenance program for the first year after any roofing or reroofing project to ensure that no further problems arise in the future and that the job is done.

Our attention to detail and dedication to our craft is why Arbutus Roofing is your choice for all your roofing concerns. We aim to be the very best roofing contractor there is so that we can serve our clients better. Arbutus Roofing is located in Richmond but serves in Vancouver and throughout the Lower Mainland.