Now that Spring is fast approaching Richmond, it’s time to take a look at our rooftops. Through the past few months of rain and snow, our roofs have been working overtime and if you are experiencing leaks, it’s likely because your roofs have suffered some damage. Harsh snow removal or extreme weather conditions can often result in leaks, which can lead to greater damage to your roof over time. At Arbutus Roofing, our crew specializes in pinpointing the exact cause of your roofing problems and finding a quick and efficient way of resolving it.

With over sixty years worth of service in roofing, our crew is no stranger to the task. We combine schooling and experience on the field to get the job done, even in weather conditions that are less favorable than a sunny day.

Our roof repair procedure begins with careful observation of potential leak sources. We’ll look at each possible place, and study both the topside and underside of your roof and, once the problem has been identified, we will fix it with the appropriate, compatible roofing material.

In addition to our roofing repair services, we also offer emergency roof repair. Have a problem that needs solving this very instant? Our emergency line allows you to reach a repair crew ready and trained for rapid response. Trained in fast problem diagnosis and equipped with a repair truck that supplies tools and a variety of shingles and roofing material, no leak will survive long.

Arbutus Roofing has sixty years of experience in the industry and operates in Richmond, Vancouver, and the Fraser Valley.